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What makes us stay and live outside Iran?

When I first left Iran like many, my ambitions were to study and that is what I did. I did the ultimate and finished my PhD 4 years ago. Since then I lost the urge to stay here in Europe, despite the fact that I have a good job and have stabilised a family life here.

The older I get, the more I want to go back, the older my son gets, the more my husband and I want to take him back to Iran… The interesting part is that my husband has lived more years of his life in here than in Iran, but these days he seems more passionate than I am to try a life back home.

When I think about it deeply, it is mainly to feel belonged to somewhere that is yours. No matter how hard we work here and how much we pay taxes and how good citizens we are here, we do not feel belonged! We are not in harmony with our environment and surroundings.

Well, if you read this post, please don’t give me a long lecture on how hard and difficult the life in Iran could be, believe me, I know, I have been there, and have been travelling frequently, it doesn’t need a genius to realise how hard it could get to live in Iran sometimes.

The question is why people like us can not be happy outside Iran despite having the obvious necessities of being happy! Why is it that we do not feel the calm and we constantly feel something is missing from our lives…

You never know, I may write a post from Iran, one day when I moved back for good! Can’t wait…



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