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Hi ! I think I’m the second guest on Homayouns weblog, but maybe the third at the time of publish, who knows! Anyway, I wanted to write about another topic, but after having a 2 hour conversation with Homayoun (God bless Optus!) he convinced me to write about registering and immigrating as a medical practitioner to Australia. Who dares to say NO to a Queenslander! So here it is:

The whole path could easily be found at Australian Medical Council so I don’t waste my time and 500 word limit on it ;)

To decide to come to Australia as a GP, first of all, consider your English … how is your English? Can you pass academic IELTS with 7 or more in all of the modules? Forget about coming to Australia and pass your IELTS here. When here, you are so busy managing everything and studying that you don’t have enough time and energy to try for a tougher IELTS exam.

Ok… if you got your IELTS, next step is registering with AMC, you can find how in the website, try to download and read Preliminary form, the process of registering with AMC for MCQ exam requires 3-4 months time and 3-4 times of correspondence.

Now you know your exam date!! try to come to Australia at least 1 month before your exam, here, at any medical Library you can find people preparing for MCQ and you can join their group study and have a taste of reconstructed, recalled MCQ Questions!
Cheers!! but do not limit your studies to these questions only, you have to read textbooks at least for OB&GYN, Psychiatry and Medicine.

MCQ exam is a computer exam that lasts 6 hours, you can try it yourself, stare at your monitor for 6 hours, after 4 or 5 hours, although you are not under the stress of the exam, you cant think anymore, now extend it to the exam situation. You have to be prepared, this exam is a big one, besides, you are paying about AU$ 2000, it is worth to study!

After you pass your MCQ, you have 70% chance of finding a job; remember in mind, you are coming to Aussie to work, not to continue to be a specialist. Registrar training
Comes after 4-5 years (there are people who are entering registrar training after 2 years, but that is not general)

After you find your job here, you don’t have to be worrying any more, you are ok then and you can participate in Bridging courses that help you to pass your clinical.
Just remember, coming to Australia, depends on your own situation, costs you at least 10.000.000 Tomans, so before your decision, keep all these in mind.

I’m ready to answer any question about this post, but please read AMC website before asking any question, since I don’t answer questions such as: what books should I read for MCQ?
By the way, I live in Melbourne, Victoria, so I don’t know much about other states.
The best with you!



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