پريا- ميهمان اول

Hello, I am the friend from London that Homayoun was talking about! Thanks to his kind offer, I got a chance to write in his weblog. He has been persuading me to write my thoughts for such a long time. Although I was a big fan of writing my own thought in the past, but a lot of bad experiences gradually made it very difficult to write until I gave it all up! But here I am determined to reply to Homayoun’s invitation, I am glad to be his first MEHMOON!

My thoughts these days are focused in 2 directions: first our loss in the world cup which symbolically made me realise how unhappy as a nation we are. I think overall there is not a healthy balance between the sadness and the happiness in our lives as a nation (even though I am not living in Iran, my everyday feelings are very much attached to it). A friend told me that I am very sentimental and we shouldn’t have expected to win the football matches at all but the matter of fact is that losing in football was just a reminder of how unhappy we are…

My second thought is the rise in racism in Europe especially against people from Middle East and Muslim countries. I have been expressing my concerns and fear to my friends and family of the increasingly hostile treatment from the Europeans towards Muslims for a while and recently I am hearing the same stories from most of them everyday. It is a very difficult time to live in Europe as a Middle Eastern.

I have to count the words now so they don’t get more than 500!!!

Until later Goodbye
Paria from London!


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